Teddy Bags

Teddy Bag


  • Brightly colored fabric
  • About 3 meters of yarn, any color
  • Scissors
  • Brightly colored thread

Making the Bag

Sew a bag that will fit a 10” teddy – about 12”.
Flip it inside out, and make a gap to put the drawstring.

Making the Drawstring

Knot the ends, and loop it over on something sturdy, like a doorknob.
Put a pencil through the loop and twist, keeping the tension. Release the tension a few times during the process; if it starts to unravel immediately, quit twisting.
Hang something heavy at the end, drop the end, and watch it spin. Don’t let it unravel.

Knot both ends. Draw it into the bag; if it fits and can draw it closed, it’s done.

Suggestions: You can use a light cord by the yard or meter or use new fancy shoe laces.


Please keep the teddy outside of the bag when shipping.
If you can sew but not knit, please make as many bags as you can. There are always more teddies than bags.
Please choose colorful fabric suited to children.