Packaging & Mailing Teddies

Please find a lightweight cardboard box. Depending on the amount of teddies you have to mail, consider the size of the box. Line the box with a large garbage bag and place the teddies inside. You can "squish" the teddies a little; we will fluff them up when we unpack them.

Please complete and print the form below to be included inside the box. We will send a note once the teddies are received.

Close and tape the top of the box, write the following on the outside of the package ’Hand knitted teddy bears-gift for charity-no value', and then address the box as stated below.

For our North American friends please use the address below to mail or bring in your donations. West coast volunteers now can mail their boxes to the following addresses from Canada and the US for convenience. Toronto address will receive any and all teddies mailed here from anywhere.

Teddies For Tragedies
c/o Mrs. Gisele M. Toth
18-B 3200 Dufferin Street, Suite #203
Toronto, Ontario
M6A 0A1, Canada
Teddies For Tragedies
c/o Paul and Eleanor Ross
Teddies for Tragedies
19 Maxwell Drive
Kitchener, Ortario
N2R 1A3, Canada
Teddies For Tragedies
c/o Barb Drozdowich
PO Box 175
Matsqui Village, BC
V4X 3R2, Canada
Teddies For Tragedies
c/o Barb Drozdowich
PO Box 2128
Sumas, WA
98295, USA

Why put "no value" on the box? All packages are inspected at the Canadian Border and Canadian Customs will put a price on the contents for duty and taxes. Our organization does not have any cash; all our work is done by volunteers. Therefore, we cannot pay any duties on these shipments and they will be returned to the sender.

We love to receive any and all teddies, and applaud all the wonderful volunteers who knit them and the above will make sure we get them and will be able to pass them on to the ones who need them most: the children.

Please include this sheet inside the box with your Teddies

Fill in the fields with your information then hit print form.

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