Brownridge, Betty. "The Teddy Brigade is Ready!" The Compass. North Halton, Ontario. 26 November 1999.

November 26, 1999 @ 12:00 AM

Teddy Brigade

We all have traveled from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Are we there yet?

Community Cornerstones

Three Cheers!

A local connection to traumatized children who are victims of natural disasters, wars and just plain neglect, is working on a simple project which they started a few years ago in England.

Comments from doctors working in the field found that children often recovered faster if they had a cuddly toy to keep in their cot. It seemed to do as much good for some children as the medicine they received.

They call this project "Teddies for Tragedies." They ask people to knit or crochet these washable teddy bears, stuff them with quick drying materials and put them in washable bags. The patterns and directions are supplied. Leftover yarns can be used in a variety of colors.

This is an ongoing project as the children can keep them. Seventy thousand have been sent to Nicaragua, and last summer teddies were sent to Romania.

This fall two Hillcrest Church members, Mary Wilson and Mary Au, knitted 19 teddies. They have been delivered to a Toronto contact who said she has 100+ at her home, ready for shipment.