"Delivering 125 teddies that have already been knit." Midweek Enterprise. Bolton, Ontario. 08 December 1999.

December 8, 1999 @ 12:00 AM

Members of The A.C.W. of Christ Church, Anglican in Bolton, Ontario, Canada.


The A.C.W of Christ Church, Anglican in Bolton, Ontario, is acting as a depot and next week the women will be delivering 125 teddies that have already been knit.


Admiring the shipment are (left to right) Canon Gregory Symmes, Skye Sweetnam, Doris Porter, Aurora Sweetnam, Rt. Rev. Bishop Ann Tottenham, and Dorothy Stewart.



Do you follow the news reports of the dreadful things that are happening in our world? Do you despair that there is nothing an ordinary person can do about it? Well, take heart! If you can handle a pair of knitting needles there is one small thing you can do about it. And like so many small things, it is powerful.


In the hot spots of the world there are thousands of the smallest and most vulnerable victims of war and violence, floods and earthquakes languishing in hospital and orphanages. Many of them have nothing and no one.


Starting with a small group in England and now spreading across the world, women are knitting small teddy bears. These teddies are distributed to these traumatized and bereft children. Doctors working in the field say that in many cases they (the teddies) work better than the medicines.


Hand-made and donated, these teddies pass freely across borders and through customs. Who knows, your scraps of wool and spare time could save the life or the sanity of someone who will make a difference in the future.


If you knit, get in touch with Dorothy Stewart or Doris Porter. They will make sure that you will get a pattern and the uplifting feeling that you CAN make a difference!


We thank all those who have helped provide this first shipment and welcome all knitters who want to get on board for the next batch.