"Volunteers Needed To Make Bears for a Great Cause." Generally Speaking. April 2000.

April 1, 2000 @ 12:00 AM

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Volunteers Needed To Make Bears for a Great Cause.


We all remember how important it was as a child to have a teddy bear or blanket to comfort us when we were scared or alone.

N.Y.G.H. Volunteers Eileen Dawson and Ev McMurray remembered, so when they heard about "Teddies for Tragedies" they got involved.

"The notice had pictures of children clutching their teddies for dear life. Just the thought of being able to bring some comfort to these children made me want to knit," says Eileen.

This program has been running in England since 1985 and has recently established a branch in Canada. "Teddies for Tragedies" tries to provide a teddy for each child who has lost all they own due to wars, climatic disasters or other tragic circumstances in Third World countries.

Doctors found that children who had suffered through these circumstances and were given a teddy to cuddle were greatly comforted by them. The hand-made bags that the teddies come in are also handy for the children to carry their belongings in.

To make this program a success they rely on the generosity of volunteers to provide stuffing and old wool for the teddies, knit them and make bags for the teddies to be kept in.

Ev and Eileen brought this cause to the ladies of the
Toronto Guild of Stitchery (TGS) in November, 1999.

Since then they have made several teddies. Once collected, Eileen delivers them to the Toronto contact and then they are delivered by a volunteer agency to the country of need.

"We are still in need of more volunteers to knit teddies," says Eileen. "We put a notice up in the Volunteer Lounge a few weeks ago and left the pattern. We have already received 15 teddies."

If you would like to donate wool, batting for stuffing, or knit a bear, please get in touch with Eileen Dawson or Ev McMurray at the N.Y.G.H. Volunteer Office.

Eileen Dawson and Ev McMurray of The Toronto Guild of Stitchery with donated teddies.


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